At MIC Cleaning Services we offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services to your businesses.


Daily cleaning services include:

Vacuuming of all carpets | Mopping floors | Emptying all waste bins | Wiping down and disinfecting all surfaces | Cleaning all toilets | Cleaning all sinks and kitchen arias | Polishing mirrors and other fixtures | Cleaning office equipment including phones, printers etc.


Weekly cleaning services include:


Dusting fire extinguishers | Cleaning cobwebs | Cleaning office chairs | Cleaning fridges | Wiping and disinfecting table and chair legs | Cleaning skirting boards and ledges | High level dusting | Cleaning the tops of cabinets | Wiping clocks, switches etc.


All clients have individual needs and we will work with you to design a working plan to meet all your requirements.

We also supply internal window cleaning and carpet cleaning

Black bags, paper hand towels, soaps, toilet rolls etc is all included.